Marc Ellis

Musician/Arranger extraordinaire - Arranged every song (except "My Poor Heart" which he added several instruments). He also played most of the instruments and engineered/mixed the album. His expertise was invaluable.

Others who Played/Sang/Worked on the album

Jerry Scott Edelnant - Guitar (on 5, 6 & 7), Allegra J. Edelnant & Travis Alkazian - BG Vocals (on 6 & 7), The Nashville Tracks musicians - Mandolin, Guitars, Bass, Drums, keyboards (on 9), Travis Allen - Arranger/Engineer (on 9) Marc Ellis & Gary B Lamb - BG Vocals (on most of the songs).

Special Thanks

A lot of people made this album possible: Tracy and Martha Lamb, my daughter Shannon and wife Joanne, Joel Jacob, Nikko Tsiotsis,