The New Album by Gary B. Lamb

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I was born in Chicago and grew up on the south side of Evanston, Illinois. 

My First Music Video

Yes, that's my actual little girl... the song was written when she was 3 years old. 


Lyrics First

At the age of 13 I begged my sister to teach me guitar. The minute I knew 2 chords I wrote my first song! 

My influences back then we’re Elvis Presley, Carol King, James Taylor, Todd Rundgren and Stevie Wonder just to name a few. As I got older The Eagles, David Bowie, The Who, The Guess Who and The Doors took over. Then came the country invasion with Garth Brooks and Toby Keith... but through it all Bruce Springsteen and The Beatles. 

i always focused on the lyrics such as side one of Best Of Bread. The words made me laugh and cry and gave me quotes to help friends out of sad times. My musicianship has always been lacking which is why it took me so long to finally record an album. Thanks to Marc Ellis I‘m finally here.

I hope you love my songs... let me know.


My Life Now

I have been an actor most of my life and I continue to do that still. I’m on the road playing Juan Perón in “Evita” Jan-March 2019 and I just directed a production of “Mark Twain & Friends” in Pasadena, CA.

But my heart has always been in songwriting.